Is Professional Window Cleaning Worth It?

Are there any benefits to hiring a window cleaning service, or should you bite the bullet, do it yourself and save on cost?

Many may not understand the importance of bringing in a professional window cleaner, or in fact, even the benefits that come with it… which is why we put together this article just for you.

Here we discuss 5 surprising benefits that come with hiring a professional window cleaning service and why you might want to consider one.

Safety First & Saving You Time

Most people would probably hire a professional window cleaning service for the simple fact, it takes time and can be hard to do by yourself. This rings even more true for houses that have two levels (or more) where the windows are located higher up and can even be hard to reach due to sloping roofs. Getting a ladder and having to climb up high holding cleaning equipment can be a hazard and lead to serious injuries. 

This is why it’s best to leave it to the professionals who have the right equipment to get the job done safely and with a professional finish. Besides, even if you could do the job, do you have the time to do it? And let’s not forget the dreaded feeling of having to go out in the dead of winter while enduring the cold with wet hands.

Window cleaning services are affordable and it makes sense to just let the professionals do it!

Extended Window Life Expectancy 

Home windows have a limited life and require maintenance to prolong their life expectancy. More often than not, windows are neglected and are somehow expected to endure the elements maintenance free. 

However, they need to be cleaned and taken care of regularly & any damage should be repaired sooner rather than later, which will ultimately prolong their life.

A professional window cleaner will remove corrosive contaminants that can eat away at the seals, wash away any debris & lime that can scratch and weaken the glass and remove any film made of grime that reduces natural light from coming into your home. 

Thermal Efficiency & The Environment

This is linked to the life expectancy of the window. As already stated, by cleaning your windows regularly, you reduce the chances of developing cracks on the glass and comprising the seals that keep the pane in place. 

Once cracks form, this can lead to comprising the glass which allows air to partially leak out, resulting in condensation and mold build up. Furthermore, if the seals are also compromized, this further allows even more air to escape, making it harder to keep your house warm in the winter and cool in the summer. A well maintained window will result in better thermal efficiency, saving you from increasing utility bills and contributing to the environment.

Potential Hazard Spotting

Having a professional frequent your windows means they can keep an eye out for the beginnings of any potential issues. They do this for a living and are more likely to spot potential problems sooner than others. It’s always a good idea to ask if they could look out for potential problems and report back to you.

As a homeowner you get notified well in advance to repair the damage before it’s too late. Catching potential problems sooner can save you money.

Here’s what you can ask your window cleaner will likely look out for:

Signs Your Windows May Need Attention

  • Condensation on the glass
  • Crack(s) on window
  • Warped / distorted window frame
  • Cracked / pulled sealant 
  • Window not opening / closing properly

Eliminate Equipment Cost

Professional cleaning services use special kits / equipment designed for removing grime from glass and make it easier for the cleaner to reach otherwise awkward areas. This combined with cleaning techniques will result in amazing looking windows. 

Using a simple spray and paper won’t cut it and can even excutuate smears and smudges while promoting potential damage. So the next logical thing to do would be to invest in the same tools the pros use… these can include the following:

  • Extension poles
  • Special cleaning solution
  • Vacuum squeegees (similar in functionality to carpet and floor cleaning machines)
  • Step ladder
  • Belt / holster
  • Towels & cloths
  • Buckets
  • Screen cleaning tools
  • Water purifier

In honesty, our houses tend to be cluttered as it is, and the thought of storing all this equipment is off putting, let alone having to do the labor work… just let the window cleaner bring their own equipment and they will get the job done right while saving storage space in your house.

Author’s Final Thoughts

From a personal standpoint, getting a professional to do your windows around your home is well worth the investment. These days people are busy and do not have the time for DIY window cleaning… and even if they did, window cleaning services are so affordable, it’s likely a better investment than to do the job yourself.

But honestly, saving yourself from climbing up and down ladders, trying to get to awkwardly positioned windows in all weather conditions should be enough to want the job done professionally… but with all the other advantages that come with getting the job done properly, it really should be a no brainer as to which way to go.