13+ Unexpected Uses of Vacuum Cleaner

Alex Mcil author
Alex Mcil

Ok, folks, we all know what a vacuum cleaner is and what it is used for – to vacuum clean your carpets, floors etc.

But, did you know that vacuum cleaners can be used for something other than traditional vacuuming?

Don’t believe me?

Here are some additional AWESOME things you can do with a vacuum cleaner.

unconventional uses of a domestic vacuum cleaner

1. Clean Your Toys

You know those dust balls form inside your baby’s toys, the ones you loathe? Well, you can get rid of these quite simply and easily.

Instead of using cotton swabs that just smear the dust around, just switch your vacuum cleaner on, fix the crevice tool, max the cleaner out and see the built up dust disappear.

The vacuum cleaner is great this way since you can use it for all sorts of toys, from cars, lego (not individual pieces) or stuffed toys. In this case, a water filter vacuum cleaner is a better option.

2. Calm Your Baby

I know you’d say it’s a myth and I also thought the same up until recently.

I was trying to put the baby down and was simply impossible.

At that time, my oldest started vacuum cleaning, and as she entered the room, the baby just stopped crying.

I don’t know if it’s witchcraft or some white magic, but the sound that the vacuum produces does wonders.

Up until then, the vacuum cleaner is a regular prop I use when I want to put my baby to sleep.

3. Tie Your Kids’ Hair

This is not a joke!

How many times have you tried to tie your kids’ hair into a ponytail but it’s simply not working? Locks keep falling out, kids keep fidgeting?

Using your vacuum cleaner, you just need to wrap the hair tie around the vacuum hose a couple of times so it holds the hair.

Then, vacuum all the hair in and just make the hair tie slide to the ponytail you just made!


4. Teach Your Kids Chores

Chores are booooooring and overwhelming when you are a kid but they must be done.

So, to help yourself and still make your kids’ decent human beings, you can use your vacuum to assist you in the process.

It’s an easy task to do and the vacuum cleaner is a simple gadget to use. Moreover, it will be fun for kids.

When I was first starting to use this trick, I’d tell my kids it’s like playing with cars.

They quickly adopted the habit and started asking if I need help with anything else.

So, mission possible!

5. Inflate Your Mattress

This is a cool hack you can try any time.

Your kids are having friends over and you need extra sleeping space but no air pump to inflate the air mattress?

Your vacuum cleaner is your salvation.

I must admit that some older models were a better solution than the new ones.

The reason is that the old ones had an exit vent and was easier to just connect the hose to this vent and inflate it quickly.

With the new vacuum cleaners, the air mattress can be inflated like this.

First, you will have to remove the vacuum cleaner bag connect a nozzle to the hole to the opening on the mattress.

Once you turn it on, the vacuum cleaner acts like a blower, where the air mattress will inflate in no time.

After completing the process, just put the bag back in its place and that’s it.

6. Fix Your Carpet Dents

You’ve just moved the chair or some other heavy furniture a bit and you have a nasty dent on your carpet?

Let me ask you – is there anything you haven’t tried to get rid of these unsightly carpet dents whether it’s a tightly woven carpet or not?

Well, I bet you haven’t tried removing them with your vacuum cleaner and some ice (or rather ice cubes).

All you gotta do is place ice cubes on the carpet dents and let them melt. In the process, the carpet fibres will loosen.

Once the process is over, take your vacuum cleaner and start vacuuming these spots while they are still wet.

The vacuum cleaner’s brush tool will bring carpet fibers back to life and will also remove dust that has piled up in the dent.

Of course, if you can’t wait for the ice to melt, you can also put in a few drops of water.

This will also do the trick and fix carpet dents just fine.

7. Find Your Stuff

Among uses for your vacuum you didn’t know of, here’s another hack you can try with your humble vacuum cleaner.

For example, you lost your favourite pins or your kids lost their favourite tiny toys.

It’s nothing that a vacuum cleaner cannot fix.

Since you’re already anxious, here’s how.

You will just need your vacuum cleaner, a thin cloth (lint free cloth, of course, you don’t want to make double work) and a rubber band.

Put the cloth over the cleaner’s extension, whether it’s the vacuum’s brush attachment or the vacuum’s crevice tool, and fix it firmly with two rubber bands.

(By the way, this crevice tool is awesome for catching crumbs on various tiny inaccessible spaces, such as toasters or refrigerator door).

Once the vacuum’s extension is near the object, it will try to vacuum it, but the cloth you placed over the crevice will keep it on the surface.

And, there you have it!

You successfully retrieved your favourite item!

8. Clean the Lint Filter

Oh, here’s a nasty little fellow.

I know people tried cleaning the lint filter on their drier machines with all sorts of things – vinegar, baking soda, harsh chemicals even.

However, most of the time, these just create a bigger mess and you get something similar to a cotton ball in your machine’s lint cavity.

So, to make your life easier, you can use your vacuum cleaner instead.

All you have to do is attach the vacuum’s crevice tool to the dryer’s lint screen and extract any lint you may find in there.

Specially designed dryer vent cleaning kits that attach to vacuum cleaners, may also be used to reach lint that gets to other harder to reach places such as the dryer’s door seal and the main ductwork.

9. Groom Your Pet

Though, we do love our pets, we do not love the mess we make when grooming them inside the home.

Honestly, pet hair on the floors is quite unsightly. So, instead of regular combs or tools you’d use on your pet, you can directly use your vacuum.

In this way, any hair that might fall off, or any remaining lint and remaining crumbs on your furry creature will easily be contained.

Just keep the cleaner strength at a minimum, to avoid potential injury to your pet.

10. Dust Your Ceiling Fan

Yet another item we’re in a love-hate relationship with.

We love it when it cools us but yet collecting dust, we hate it when we need to clean it as it is awkward to get to.

Instead of using a duster or cloth and risk flinging dust into the air, you can use your little sucking device on your ceiling fan.

Just connect the dusting attachment, find some ladders or a tall chair, and you’ll be done in no time.

11. Air Freshen Your Home

Yes, you can use the vac cleaner as an air freshener.

Find your favourite essential oil and put a few drops in the vacuum cleaner bag. You can, for example, let a cotton ball soak in some oil and then put it in the bag.

Once you start vacuuming, instead of the unpleasant dusty smell, you will sense the smell of oils spreading around.

Moreover, if you pour some baking soda over the carpets before vacuuming, and then add some rubbing alcohol with the essential oils, you will make sure to have any bacteria in your carpet killed.

We know how nasty these can be once the open window season hits and allergens blow from everywhere.

Moreover, you can also use your cleaner to remove pollen and other allergens from your screen doors, windowsills and/or window screens.

12. Clean Your Cushions

Yeah, cleaning cushions with a vacuum cleaner is also among the surprising uses of this noise-making little device.

It’s not an easy task cleaning mattresses, couch cushions and throw pillows, especially when they cannot fit your washing machine.

Instead, use your vacuum cleaner for this purpose.You will need a little help from baking soda, too.

Sprinkle the soda over the mattresses and cushions and let it rest for at least half an hour (I’d recommend a few hours).

Afterwards, just start vacuuming and see the dirt and the odours disappear.

13. Clean Your Keyboard

Yeah, the crevice tool and the dusting brush are the extensions you’re gonna need.

To begin with, you can flip the keyboard backwards to have larger crumbs fall out naturally, and then the vacuum cleaner will do the rest.

You don’t have to hold the keyboard in the upright positions, just let it rest naturally.

And, for those parts where you need extra help, a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol will do the trick.


You can do more with a simple vacuum cleaner or hardwood floor machine than just make the particularly dirty spots shine again and/or remove the loose crumbs from your kitchen type carpet or any other.

You can use it as a stove cleaner, to absorb odors and make your home smell amazing, as a dryer vent cleaner instead of a dusting brush, etc.

Besides these, tell us what other surprising uses you’ve discovered so we try them out too.