How Much Does A Floor Cleaning Machine Cost?

Alex Mcil author
Alex Mcil

Ideally purchasing a unit that’s easy to use and maintain is the way forward, but ultimately the best floor scrubber is the one that suits your business needs or one you want for your personal needs at home.

These hardwood floor machine are specifically designed to remove debris from hard floors more effectively than any traditional mop & bucket. They are also far more efficient at cleaning and quicker too compared to traditional ways of cleaning.

This is an investment that might initially sting a little, but like any investment, a return on investment is expected. They will save you time and labor costs.

The three floor cleaning machines we’ll discuss are:

  • Upright
  • Walk behind
  • Rider

And these babies can cost anywhere between $250 & $30,000 a pop!

Cost of Upright Scrubber Machines

The upright scrubber is probably the first type of cleaning machine that comes to mind when thinking about floor cleaning machines.

They are the smallest of the three on this list with cleaning paths that range between 12 – 14 inches, with the larger ones traditionally costing more.

These machines are designed to be hand-held and are light enough to be pushed while walking. Their small sizes makes then efficient in small areas with narrow paths. For example, imagine a floor cleaning machine for your home where you need access to hard to reach places such as under tables, chairs or even narrow corridors where bigger units won’t fit.

An upright unit can cost anywhere between $250 to $4,000, where the cost of the machine would vary depending size, features and brand.

Cost of Walk-Behind Scrubbers

The walk-behind automatic scrubber typically have a cleaning path that range from 13 – 40 inches. Like the upright, you walk behind them, but they are powered by a motor that pulls it along the ground.

They are designed to clean larger unrestricted areas such as hallways, gyms and lobbies. Any larger areas would make the cleaning process less efficient and would like require the rider cleaner we will talk about next.

Depending on size, brand and features, these scrubbers can range between $2,000 and $20,000.

Cost of Rider Cleaners

For the biggest of cleaning machines, the rider is also automatic and acts like a vehicle that carries the operator who controls the machine.

The rider scrubber, offers cleaning paths that range from 20 – 40 inches, making it the most efficient in cleaning larger unrestricted areas.

This type of machine is designed for cleaning warehouses, malls and even airports, which would be a struggle for the other types of units mentioned above.

The price range? A whopping $6,000 and $30,000. And, cost will vary depending on size, brand and features.

Final Thoughts on Machine Cost

It should be evident that if you are looking for a scrubber for your home, the traditional upright unit is the way to go.

The thin body and narrower cleaning paths enables you to manoeuvre around tight spaces which you wouldn’t otherwise be able to do with a larger unit.

For business purposes, be it’s running your own cleaning business or in case of warehouse spaces that need maintenance and cleaning, then the larger of the machines are required.

Larger, open and unrestricted spaces need a unit with a wider cleaning path to minimize the number of times having to go up and down the room. The larger units also have a more powerful motor to remove grime which saves even more time.

Even then, after determining which type of machine you need, things can get a little complicated. Walk-behind and Rider machines come in different sizes ranging from:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large

And the price range can very substantially defending on which you go for.

However, don’t look at price alone, also look at getting the right size machine to cover the required area.

If you are higher out a professional service to do the job for you, then let them do the calculations!