Moving Blankets with Grommets: The Ultimate Protection for Your Belongings

Moving is an adventure in and of itself. As we pack, fill the truck with loads of boxes, unbox and unpack in the new home, it can feel like an all-encompassing experience, where every piece we pick up generates a wave of emotions and memories attached. So when we come to the realization that we need do our best to protect those priceless belongings and memories, we instinctively turn to what often times saves the day: moving blankets. But if you really want to treat your treasured items with caution and utmost protection during a move, you can always trust the ultimate solution: moving blankets with grommets.

Heavy-duty grommets on blankets

These small, yet mighty, metal rings come with immense benefits, as they allow for easy coverage over furniture pieces like a sofa, a dresser and more, helping them to be safely tied, hoisted and secured into a moving van. This prevents damage from possibly occurring due to vibrations, bumps and even nasty weather conditions. But perhaps the biggest advantage of having grommets on a moving blanket, is that it can be easily fastened and unfastened, so you can get the job done with enough ease, regardless of your expertise in moving.

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You can purchase moving blankets with grommets from hardware stores, home supply stores, as well as online retailers. Be sure to shop around for the best price and quality for your needs.


“The addition of grommets to moving blankets fundamentally revolutionizes their usage. Grommets provide a secure way to fasten the blankets, offering another layer of protection for your belongings and ensure that they stay complete and intact. They stem from my vast experience in the moving solutions field and are designed keeping common household needs in mind.”

Carlton Jernigan , Renowned Packing Innovator

What are Moving Blankets with Grommets?

When protecting and transporting your belongings, moving blankets with grommets provide the ultimate protection. Whether you are a homeowner or a professional mover, these durable covers offer protection from dirt, dust, and breakage during transit. The protective wraps also give furniture and other items added security while being moved.

Durable moving blanket grommets

What makes moving blankets with grommets so special? These covers are made to fit snugly over furniture and boxes, securely held in place with durable metal grommets. These grommets also provide secure tie-down points for rope or cords used to secure the blanket during transport. Additionally, some models of moving blankets with grommets are reinforced with extra padding to protect fragile items such as mirrors or picture frames in case of bumps in transportation.

The debate surrounding the use of moving blankets with grommets centers mainly on whether or not these covers offer adequate protection for items during transport. Proponents argue that these multifunctional wraps offer superior protection for items compared to traditional paper-based cushioning materials. In addition, the grommets ensure a secure fit and decrease the likelihood that items may shift improperly during transit.

Durable moving blanket grommets

Opponents contend that although moving blankets offer superior protection compared to paper-based materials, they can be difficult to maneuver and bundle during transport, especially when using one’s own vehicle. Additionally, because these wraps tend to be bulky and difficult to fold away for storage without wrinkling or creasing their material, some may argue that it would be more efficient and economical to just purchase additional packing materials when needed as opposed to investing in reusable moving blankets with built-in grommets.

Regardless of which side of the argument you may support, moving blankets with grommets remain a popular choice amongst many professional movers due to their superior protection capabilities and ease of use while transporting items.

Now that we have examined what moving blankets with grommets are and discussed their advantages and disadvantages, let’s take a look at the various types of materials that these covers typically come in – our next section will cover this topic in greater detail.

Types of Moving Blanket Material

When looking for the right moving blanket to safeguard your belongings, it’s important to consider the type of material used in the blankets. There are generally two types of material available: cotton and polyester-based nonwoven materials.

Cotton comes from a natural source and is typically considered an eco-friendly option. Its high absorbency rate makes it useful for those carrying furniture with delicate fabric upholstery. Unfortunately, the weight and bulk of a cotton blanket can make it difficult to transport unless you have extra help or container space.

Durable grommet covers

Polyester-based nonwoven materials are man-made, durable fabrics that offer increased strength compared to their cotton counterparts. Their light weight and thin construction allow them to pack small, making them perfect for DIY moves where you’ll be carrying smaller items yourself. However, they don’t fare as well at absorbing moisture and keeping out dust due to their loose weave, making them less ideal for protecting furniture with finer materials like leather.

No matter what type of moving blanket you choose, opting for ones equipped with strategically placed grommets helps to secure furniture during transit and ensure protection against bumps in the road. Now let’s look into the benefits of using these types of blankets in more detail…

Moving blankets with grommets

Benefits of Using Moving Blankets with Grommets

Using moving blankets with grommets is one of the best options for protecting your belongings during a move. These blankets offer multiple advantages and benefits for those who are preparing for a move. First and foremost, these blankets provide superior protection to furniture and items that would be vulnerable to scratches and damage during a move, helping to prevent costly repairs. They are also incredibly durable, making them ideal for safeguarding against the strengths of shifting load weights and impacts that may occur during loading, unloading, and transport.

Durable grommets for protection

Additionally, moving blankets with grommets are highly versatile and can be used in conjunction with packing supplies like tapes and straps. The grommet slots allow you to secure furniture or boxes quickly while also providing a more snug fit than traditional packing methods could achieve. They are significantly easier to handle than other protective materials, making them an ideal choice for inexperienced movers or those who have limited time for packing.

Finally, these specialized moving blankets don’t generate as much dust as conventional moving pads—a common problem faced by many people during a move. This is an especially beneficial factor when it comes to protecting sensitive electronics and other technology-related items from dust accumulation.

Durable grommet security

Overall, using moving blankets with grommets presents numerous advantages in regards to protecting property during a move. With their superior protection capabilities, long lasting durability, versatile use, and dust prevention properties, they are without doubt the ultimate solution for shielding your belongings from damage.

Now that we’ve discussed the benefits of using moving blankets with grommets let’s turn our attention to how they can further provide guidance on choosing the right amount of packing and moving protection materials when planning a move. The next section will explain in-depth how to select the most suitable protection supplies based on your needs.

  • According to a 2019 study, nearly 1 in 4 consumers surveyed had purchased items specifically designed for moving.
  • Moving blankets with grommets offer the greatest durability and protection against scratches and scrapes compared to other packing materials.
  • A survey published in 2018 found that 79% of respondents felt that using moving blankets offered them greater peace of mind when moving their belongings.

Moving and Packing Protection

Moving and packing protection is a critical step in any relocation process. Without proper protection, your possessions may be at risk of damage during the move. There are several methods to protect your belongings, from bubble wrap to packing peanuts; however, moving blankets with grommets offer the ultimate protection for your valuables.

On one hand, traditional packing materials such as Bubble wrap and styrofoam peanuts are relatively inexpensive, but can be difficult to manage and may not provide enough padding for fragile items. Additionally, these materials often result in excess waste once an item is unpacked.

Heavy-duty moving blanket grommets

However, there are numerous advantages to using moving blankets with grommets over other packing materials. For instance, moving blankets with grommets are reusable and can be used again during future moves. They also provide greater cushioning and durability than other options since they won’t easily tear or rip while being transported. Moreover, they’re easy to contain as you can use strong strings or ties to attach them securely around whatever item you’re trying to protect.

In conclusion, moving blankets with grommets provide superior protection and are better suited for protecting valuable and fragile items while they’re transported than traditional packing materials.

Now that it’s been established why moving blankets with grommets provide the ultimate protection for your belongings during a move, let’s discuss how to properly use them for optimal results in the next section.

Crucial Summary Points

Moving protection is an important step in any relocation process, and traditional materials like bubble wrap or packing peanuts may not offer enough cushioning for fragile items. Moving blankets with grommets offer superior protection and durability, and can be easily secured with strings or ties; they are also reusable between moves. In conclusion, moving blankets with grommets should be used for optimum protection of valuable and fragile items during a move.

Moving blankets secured with grommets

How to Properly Use Moving Blankets with Grommets

When moving items, it’s important to use the proper equipment and materials to ensure your belongings are properly protected. Moving blankets with grommets are an ideal solution for protecting valuable or fragile items during a move. This article will provide a thorough overview of how to use them properly to protect your items from damage during transit.

Most moving blankets with grommets come with straps that you can use to secure the blanket around furniture or other items. The straps are generally made of rubber and have grommets on the ends so they can be secured to the blanket using a hook or screw. To get started, measure the approximate length of each piece of furniture you are trying to protect, then cut the straps so they are slightly longer than needed for ease of installation. When attaching the straps, make sure that each one is secured firmly and securely to both sides of the blanket in order to keep everything in place.

Durable grommets on blankets

Another method you can use for securing your belongings is by tying pieces together with twine or rope. This can be done by simply tying a knot through one side of the grommet and wrapping it around a piece of wood or metal. This method can be used if you do not have access to straps or if you need to secure multiple pieces together at once.

No matter which method you choose, it’s important to remember that using too much pressure when securing items can result in damaging the blanket itself due to excessive strain. Conversely, too little pressure may not provide adequate protection during transit – so it’s important strike a balance between security and care when wrapping furniture with moving blankets with grommets.

Durable grommet protection

Finally, it’s important to consider your method of transport when deciding whether or not to use straps or twine for added security. If you are moving items within a car or truck, then straps may suffice; however if you are planning on loading items onto a boat or other vehicle prone to vibrations, then twine may be more beneficial as it will provide better flexibility during transit.

Now that we’ve discussed how to properly utilize moving blankets with grommets for protecting furniture, our next step is discussing how grommets can be used for securing this furniture further.

Grommets for Securing Furniture

Grommets provide an important level of protection when using moving blankets. Grommets are small, metal eyelets inserted into the edge of the fabric at regular intervals to provide a secure and permanent point for rope, cords or clips to be attached. The fact that these grommets cannot be removed – unlike fasteners like Velcro which can come loose – ensures that furniture being moved remains securely in place during transport. We can debate the pros and cons of moving blankets with grommets depending on the situation.

Protective moving blanket grommets

For larger items that need extra protection, such as large pieces of furniture, grommets offer peace-of-mind because they allow users to safely and securely secure their items for transport. On the other hand, if you’re only moving light or non-essential items, then secured buttons and straps may be a more cost-effective solution than using moving blankets with grommets.

Regardless of which option you choose, it’s important to secure your belongings properly to ensure safe transport. Now let’s move on by looking at some important tips for using moving blankets with grommets.

Important Tips for Using Moving Blankets with Grommets

Using moving blankets with grommets can help keep your belongings safe, but they require proper use and care. Here are some important tips when using this type of protection:

1. Be sure to measure your items correctly in order to choose the right size blanket for the job. Blankets that are too big or small may not provide adequate protection for your items.

Durable grommet protection

2. To prevent damage from shifting or rubbing, it is important to place a layer of bubble wrap between the item and the grommet holes of the blanket. This will reduce wear on both the item and the blanket and extend their life span.

3. Blankets made with grommets can be quite heavy when wet, so if you’re using them outdoors in damp conditions, make sure to keep them dry as much as possible. If they do get wet, hang them up to dry and avoid storing them while wet as this can damage the material and make it less effective at protecting your belongings.

4. When packing up items with moving blankets with grommets, be sure to wrap each item separately in an additional layer of protection such as shrink wrap or plastic quilts to provide extra cushioning and reduce the chance of tearing during transit.

High-quality protection grommets

These tips can help ensure that you’re getting the most out of your moving blankets with grommets and that your items remain safe throughout their travels. The next section will explore alternatives to these protective blankets and how they might better suit different scenarios.

Alternatives to Moving Blankets with Grommets

An alternative to moving blankets with grommets are shrink wrap and bubble wrap. Shrink wrap is a great way to protect furniture pieces and mattresses from scuffs, rips, and stains. It is air tight and extra secure. Plus, it is reusable and can be used for other purposes after the move is complete. The downside of shrink wrap is that it must be purchased in large rolls, which can be expensive for larger moves.

Durable moving blanket grommets

Bubble wrap also provides solid protection for items during a move. It easily wraps around furniture pieces and creates an extra layer of protection against shocks and accidental falls. Bubble wrap is incredibly lightweight, making it easier to lift or slide items during transport. However, one of the main drawbacks of using bubble wrap is its cost per square foot. Overly long packing times may result in going over the allocated budget if too much bubble wrap was used.

Another option to consider when moving sensitive items are plastic storage boxes with lids. These boxes offer good protection from the elements, such as rain and wind, while also providing room for insulation material like Styrofoam peanuts or packing paper inside which offers further cushioning from potential impacts along the journey. Plastic storage boxes come in different sizes to fit larger items like mattresses or smaller items such as fine china or antiques. The downside of this approach is that if you do not purchase sturdy enough boxes your belongings may still suffer damage from bumps and jostles along the way if in large enough quantities.

Durable grommet on blanket

In conclusion, there are many solutions to transporting fragile belongings safely during a move although nothing quite beats moving blankets with grommets in terms of cost efficiency, durability, and convenience. In the next section, we will discuss the conclusion of why moving blankets with grommets are the ultimate protection for your belongings during a move.


Moving blankets with grommets provide an efficient and effective way to protect furniture, antiques, and other items during transport. While traditional quilted moving blankets may offer enough padding for most standard moving jobs, those who have valuable or expensive items should consider purchasing weighted moving blankets with grommets for increased item protection. Grommets allow larger and more secure tie-down straps which ensure that the blanket stays in place during transport, significantly reducing the chance of slipping or shifting en route. It is important to remember that even with these increased safety measures, any fragile items should be packed as securely in bubble wrap and other cushioning materials to further reduce the risk of damage while they are being moved. In summary, using moving blankets with grommets provides a reliable form of protection for belongings during transport. The protection offered by this method exceeds most standard products available on the market today, making it a viable choice for protecting valuable and antique items.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the best deals on moving blankets with grommets?

For the best deals on moving blankets with grommets, I would recommend heading to an online retailer such as Amazon. Here, you will be able to compare prices and read reviews from other customers to make an informed choice. Prices are typically lower than buying in-store, so you should be able to find a great deal. You could also check out larger retailers like Walmart or Lowes, as they often have discounted options. If you’re feeling particularly thrifty, you can even look into local options, such as charity stores, second-hand shops or garage sales – you never know what hidden gems you’ll uncover!

What criteria should I consider when purchasing moving blankets with grommets?

When purchasing moving blankets with grommets, there are many factors to consider. The most important criteria to pay attention to is the material of the blanket. Look for a durable material, such as denim or canvas, that will be able to withstand wear and tear yet breathable enough not to cause any mildew issues. As well, consider reinforced corners such as double stitching or leather patches in order to protect items from fraying or tearing at the edges. Additionally, think about the size you need; while blankets with grommets can usually accommodate larger items, ensure that your chosen size still has enough room for them to fit properly and securely. Finally, check for the number and placement of the grommets and straps to make sure that all of your items can be easily and safely secured when in transit.

Durable moving straps display

What brand of moving blankets offers the best quality grommets?

The best brand for moving blankets with grommets is Moving Blankets Pro. They offer a heavy-duty, 420 GSM non-woven fabric that is both durable and breathable. The grommets are designed to provide superior strength and stability when carrying large, bulky items, while their reinforced double stitching ensures your furniture stays snugly in place while in transport. Plus, they come in an array of colorful and functional designs to match any type of décor. Moving Blankets Pro has thoughtfully crafted the ultimate protection for your belongings with the best quality grommets on the market.

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