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Best Freezerless Refrigerator Of 2019

Whether you host large get-togethers regularly or you often find yourself short on fridge space, a freezerless refrigerator may be the perfect solution. There are dozens of freezerless refrigerators on the market, but many of them might be too big or costly for your needs.

In this review, we discuss our top pick for the best freezerless refrigerator in a compact size, which one to avoid, and a few more of our favorites.

What’s a Freezerless Refrigerator?

As the name suggests, freezerless refrigerators are fridges without a freezer. For years, large freezerless fridges were only available for commercial kitchens or restaurants. Now, many homeowners are opting to replace their current fridge, buy a standalone freezer and a freezerless fridge.

Compact freezerless refrigerators have been a popular choice for decades, often known as a “dorm fridge,” but the reviews were often mixed. Today’s compact freezerless refrigerators are more efficient and regulate temperatures better.

How Do I Know if a Freezerless Refrigerator is the Right Choice for Me?

If you frequently run out of room in your current fridge, but don’t want to buy a new full-size refrigerator, a freezerless refrigerator might be a solid choice for you. A compact freezerless refrigerator may also be best for you if:

  • You have limited space, like a small apartment or dorm room
  • Want a fridge just for drinks
  • Looking for a breakroom fridge at a small company
  • Need a budget-friendly and energy-efficient fridge

Ready to take a look at some of our favorite freezerless refrigerators, so that you can see which one is the best choice for you?


Danby Contemporary Classic Compact All Refrigerator:
Our Top Choice

Let’s start our review on the right foot and introduce our top pick for the best freezerless refrigerator. Not only is the Danby Contemporary Classic Compact All Refrigerator an attractive appliance that would enhance any living space, but it’s available in a variety of colors and sizes.

If you’re looking for a second fridge for drinks or food to reheat, we recommend the 4.4 cu. ft. size. Interested in something smaller? The Danby fridge is also available in 1.7, 2.6, or 3.3 cu. ft. The color options include black, silver, stainless steel, white, and red.

The compact refrigerator has tempered glass shelves and ample space for cans and even larger bottles (depending on the size fridge you choose). A reversible door hinge means that you can open the door on the right or left, which is a great option if you’re limited on space.

A scratch-resistant worktop, ergonomic handle, a door lock, and LED interior lights are some of our favorite features.


  • Energy Star Compliant
  • Automatic Defrost
  • Easy-to-clean
  • Runs quiet
  • Reliable and affordable


  • May not run cold enough
  • Temperatures may fluctuate
  • Water pools in the bottom during defrost cycle


Magic Chef All Refrigerator:
The Runner-Up

The Magic Chef All Refrigerator is a worthy contender for best compact freezerless refrigerator because it has a practical design or no extras. Like the Danby the Magic Chef fridge has removable glass shelves, and plenty of space for beverages. There’s even a beverage can dispenser to keep the fridge more organized and space efficient.

The fridge is a little smaller, measuring at 3.2 cu. ft. and doesn’t have the same color options, but the black finish looks sleek and timeless.

The features we love include the crisper drawer, the reversible door hinge, and easy-to-adjust thermostat. This fridge is a little more difficult to come across due to limited availability, so that’s one of the reasons why Danby remains our winner.


  • Holds consistent temperature
  • Easy-to-clean
  • Runs quietly
  • Ample space for beverages and food
  • Frost-free interior


  • May take a while to find “perfect” temperature
  • Condensation on the interior
  • Fridge may need leveling


Whynter Stainless Steel Beverage Refrigerator:
The Ultimate Gift

Looking for the perfect gift for newlyweds or someone who has recently graduated or moved into a new home? The Whynter Beverage Refrigerator is our pick for the ultimate gift and filling it with beverages would make this even more of a winner. This fridge might be on the wish list of many who want a sharp-looking appliance just for beverages.

If you want to show off your craft beer selection or want a beverage fridge that is functional and looks nice, the Whynter holds 120 cans. We love the LED lighting, the adjustable thermostat, and the glass doors with stainless steel trim. You never have to worry about your drinks getting in the wrong hands with the fridge lock.


  • Optimal temperature range for craft beer
  • Interior light turns off and on
  • Reversible door hinge
  • Looks professional and expensive
  • Easy-to-clean


  • Temperature range may not be ideal for food
  • Some condensation or freezing
  • Not a good multi-purpose fridge


Phiestina 15 Inch Built-in Beer Froster Refrigerator:
Best Beverage Fridge for Storing Food

Why pick between a beverage fridge or one that’s best for storing food? The Phiestina Refrigerator is one of our favorite compact beverage refrigerators on the market right now, but it’s also an excellent choice for food storage.

The Phiestina fridge was designed with beer aficionados in mind and can hold over 100 cans, but the fridge accommodates all types and sizes of beverages from champagne and wine to club soda and cola. There’s also room for food, like dips and cheese plates, so you can snack while you drink, and you don’t need another fridge.

The stainless-steel fridge measures W 14.9 x H 33.9 x D 22.4 inches and fits well in a breakroom, home bar, or other places where space is limited.


  • Space-saving design
  • Door lock
  • Optimal temp for beverages and food
  • Digital thermostat
  • Quieter than other fridges


  • Shorter screws for door handle may be necessary
  • Not cold enough for some food or drink
  • Temperature fluctuation


Midea Compact Refrigerator and Freezer:
Best Choice For Ice Cubes

We might be breaking the rules by reviewing a mini-fridge with a freezer, but the Midea 2.4 cu. ft. refrigerator is nearly all refrigerator with a small freezer space. This refrigerator is one of our favorites because even though it doesn’t technically fall into the “freezerless” category, everyone needs ice from time to time, right?

The Midea fridge comes with standard wire shelving and some space in the door. The design is basic, but it’s still energy-efficient and space-saving.


  • Space for an ice tray
  • Ample room for all types of beverage and food containers
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Cools quickly
  • Reversible door


  • Smaller than other compact fridges
  • Inconsistent temperature
  • May take a while to find “perfect” temp


NewAir Freestanding Beverage Cooler:
The Fridge to Avoid

At first glance, this fridge is impressive. It looks nice, like something you might find at a bar and it promises to hold 126 cans. It comes with a door lock, adjustable thermostat, and is energy-efficient (all things we like in a fridge).

Here’s why we don’t recommend this fridge:

  • It’s loud
  • Many customers received broken fridges
  • The temperature fluctuates wildly, difficult to control
  • Strange odor
  • The interior ices over

For the price, we expect more from a nice-looking beverage fridge. Considering all the flaws, we think you’re better off choosing something more affordable and dependable.

Our Top Choice

You might not think that you need a freezerless fridge until you actually need or wish you had one on hand. If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable all-purpose freezerless fridge, we love the Danby Contemporary Classic All Refrigerator.

Not only does it have a timeless design, but it’s energy-efficient, has plenty of space for cans, bottles, and various sizes of food containers. Don’t worry about defrosting your fridge or doing much maintenance with the Danby, it’s relatively maintenance free.


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What three items are always in your refrigerator?

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Refund amount for refrigerator not working?

I think they at least have to reimburse you the cost of the groceries you bought that will now go bad, AND the extra cost of eating out (reasonable meals) vs. eating in the apartment. That is the only way to make it 100% right IMO. How close is 10% to that amount?

What brand of beer is in your refrigerator?

Got 4 bottles of Corona sitting in mine just now. Sadly they have been there for 3 months, not been in the mood to drink for quite some time.

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