Best Torch Lighter of 2024 That Never Fails To Ignite

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Lighters are an invaluable tool for cigar aficionados, and there are few things more annoying than a lighter that won’t stay lit or fails to start.

Torch lighters are the best type of lighter to use if you’re a cigar smoker, but it’s crucial to find one that will work consistently and provide you with a high-quality flame.

If you’re not sure what a torch lighter is or why you should have one for your cigars, we’ll cover it in this article.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for a cigar lover or you just need a lighter you can rely on; we’ve got the perfect one for you.

“As a professional who has spent a considerable part of his life understanding and developing ignition tools, I can confidently say that the credibility of a torch lighter relies heavily on both its build and fuel quality. A high-grade metal body coupled with a proficient fuel regulating system guarantees consistent fires every single time. It’s not just the toughness or brand of the lighter, it’s about the integrity of the design and the consistency of the flame that make a torch lighter unfailing. My advice would be to do a bit of research about the lighter’s internal mechanisms and fuel type before making a purchase, and to always keep safety front and center in your decision-making process.”

Zachariah Lachlan, Inventor, Engineer.

What’s a Torch Lighter?

If you’ve never used a torch lighter to light your cigar, you’ve probably used one in a different setting. Torch lighters come in a variety of styles and sizes and are used for cooking, arts and crafts, and even for lighting campfires.

butane torch lighters with high intensity flame

Torch lighters are ideal for cigars because they burn hot, have a strong flame, are wind-resistant, and will light your cigar quickly. Another benefit of using a torch lighter is that it uses butane fuel, similar to those used in gas fireplaces.

Butane can reach temperatures up to 2,500 °F, and you’ll know you’re using butane when you see a blue flame. Butane fuel won’t affect the taste of your cigar like other lighter fuels, so it’s one of the best options available.

This is particularly true for butane lighters that light up cigars quickly and evenly first time round, as relighting can decrease the quality of your cigar’s taste.

Do you need to use a torch lighter when lighting your cigar? Of course not, but why worry about the hassle of matches or other types of lighters that have weak flames?

Quick answer

The best torch lighter for cigars is the WindBlaze lighter. If you are not convinced by this option, look for a lighter that uses butane gas and a powerful, even flame.

What to Look for When Choosing a Torch Lighter

When shopping around for a torch lighter, you might be tempted to buy the first one you find or the most luxury-looking one you come across.

While convenience and aesthetics are important to consider, they aren’t always the determining factor of what makes the best butane torch lighter for your needs. So take some time to choose one that you’ll love every time you use it.

Ready to find the perfect torch lighter to add to your cigar collection? Check out our top picks for best torch lighters this year. And while you’re at it, consider investing in a quality humidor to store your cigars properly.

Top-4 Rated Butane Torches

Moniup All-in-One Torch Cigar Lighter

The Moniup All-in-One Torch Cigar Lighter, a must-have accessory for cigar enthusiasts. Crafted with precision and durability in mind, this versatile lighter boasts an all-in-one design that caters to the varied needs of cigar aficionados. With integrated features including cigar lighters, a cigar punch, and a cigar holder, it promises the ultimate cigar experience.

Equipped with dual powerful burners, this butane lighter produces a double-barrel blue flame that effortlessly ignites cigars within seconds. The flame regulator at the base ensures a consistently strong flame that remains unyielding even in windy conditions, making it an ideal companion for outdoor use.

Designed with elegance in mind, the sleek black exterior of the lighter features a unique frosted texture. Compact and portable at 3.15 inches by 1.77 inches by 0.71 inches, it fits seamlessly into a suit pocket. The thoughtful addition of a gas window allows you to monitor fuel levels, while double cooling holes dissipate heat, preventing any discomfort.

Presented in a refined orange and white gift box, this butane lighter serves as a versatile tool for lighting candles, cigars, BBQ grills, camping, and fireworks. An excellent choice for gifting on occasions like weddings, Father’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, and more.

Sondiko Butane Torch S400,

Introducing the Sondiko Butane Torch S400, a versatile tool designed with safety and durability in mind, perfect for cigar enthusiasts. This torch features essential safety elements, including a safety lock, broad base, and burn-free finger guard, ensuring a secure and comfortable grip. It’s as reliable as electric fireplaces but in a portable form.

Refilling and operating the torch is simple: refill with any brand of butane (please note that butane gas is not included), slide the security lock to open, and use Piezo Ignition Technology for quick lighting. The torch’s compactness makes it a convenient accessory for enjoying cigars.

From toasting the foot of your cigar to lighting your favorite smoke, this torch’s versatility enhances your cigar experience. With adjustable flame settings and continuous flame mode, it provides precise control and ease of use.

Worried about compatibility? The Sondiko cigar torch fits all types of butane tanks, accommodating both long and short nozzle options. An included red adapter ensures a perfect fit for short nozzle tanks.

Elevate your cigar enjoyment with the Sondiko Butane Torch S400. Its safety features, ease of use, and adaptability make it an indispensable tool for any cigar enthusiast.

Gibot Butane Torch

The Gibot Butane Torch, a reliable tool designed for both safety and durability, perfect for cigar enthusiasts. The torch features a security lock to prevent accidental ignition, and its stable wide base ensures it won’t tip over. Crafted from Aluminum alloy, this torch promises enduring quality for extended use.

Refillability and adjustability define this culinary torch. With compatibility for most butane gas refills, the torch can be easily replenished. Its adjustable flame intensity allows temperatures of up to 1300°C/2500°F, catering to various cigar applications like lighting, toasting, and more.

Lighting up is effortless with Piezo Ignition Technology. Simply press to ignite, thanks to the gas flow regulator and air flow control valve. Flame intensity is within your control, and releasing the button extinguishes the flame.

The continuous fire mode adds convenience. Press and rotate clockwise to keep the flame active, and a counterclockwise turn extinguishes it. This feature enhances your cigar experience by offering consistent ignition without constant button pressing.

With an 8-10g butane gas capacity, the torch ensures prolonged use before refills are needed. Please note that butane gas is not included. Remember to turn the Fire Ignition to “OFF” when not in use and keep it out of children’s reach.

Elevate your cigar experience with the Gibot Butane Torch. Its safety features, ease of use, and adaptability make it an indispensable tool for any cigar enthusiast. Please note that butane gas is not included for safe shipping.

RAVS Butane Torch Lighter

Introducing the RAVS Butane Torch Lighter, a versatile tool crafted with safety, durability, and functionality in mind, perfect for cigar enthusiasts. Each RAVS craft torch undergoes rigorous third-party testing to meet industry safety guidelines, ensuring reliable performance. The torch’s black diamond-cut handle features an ergonomic design for a comfortable grip, while the long angled nozzle keeps your hand safely away from the flame. The leak-proof inflation valves enhance its safety features. Constructed from quality metal material, this cigar lighter torch offers sturdiness surpassing plastic alternatives.

Refilling and usability are hassle-free with the Piezo press ignition, enabling swift one-handed operation. The wide copper base prevents tipping and offers excellent support. Note that refilling the propane torch typically takes around 15 seconds (8-11g), with a reminder to turn off flow regulation before gas refill.

This versatile butane torch serves diverse applications, from lighting cigars to melting frozen pipes. Capable of reaching temperatures up to 1300°C (2372°F), it’s perfect for various tasks such as brazing and more. It’s a handy tool that can even be used as an alternative to traditional wood burners in certain situations.

The dual flame mode and easy flame adjustments make this torch stand out. It offers a precise flame for rapid heating and can be switched between blue (tiny) and yellow (large) flames, catering to different heat requirements.

This RAVS dab torch isn’t just functional—it’s also an ideal gift for cigar enthusiasts. Perfect for occasions like Father’s Day, Christmas, birthdays, and more, it’s a thoughtful gesture that combines luxury and practicality.

Elevate your cigar experience with the RAVS Butane Torch Lighter. With its safety features, usability, and versatility, it’s an indispensable tool for any cigar aficionado.

Our Favorite Pick For Torch Lighter

Even though it’s smaller than other torch lighters, we choose the Moniup All-in-One Torch Cigar Lighter as our top pick. We love the compact ergonomic design combined with ease of use. We also like that you can buy more than one and stash one away in various spots where you might want to enjoy a cigar.

The ideal lighter for toasting and lighting up your cigar!


9 thoughts on “Best Torch Lighter of 2024 That Never Fails To Ignite”

  1. Back in my firefighting days, my old mate gifted me a torch lighter, that thing stayed lit even in the most roaring wind, proving handy not just for lighting up my beloved cigars but often for emergencies too.

  2. My old Navy buddy once told me, “Vernon, a torch lighter to a cigar is like a partner in a tango – one leads, the other follows, but both need to be reliable to create a seamless dance.” I took it to heart, never had a regret with my torch lighter since!

  3. My father, who was an avid cigar admirer, used to say, “Quin, a perfect lighting is half the pleasure of a good cigar.” True words, Vernon, the torch lighter does inspire a tango of fiery satisfaction with every cigar.

  4. Avatar
    Griselda Rutherford

    Whenever I can, I wholly devote myself to the ritual of lighting my cigar with a torch lighter. The anticipation, the control over the flame, and the slow lighting process, they all prepare me for a peaceful interlude with my cigar.

  5. Ah, Griselda, our shared respect for the ritual is refreshing! The process of lighting a cigar with a reliable torch lighter isn’t unlike teaching Shakespeare to my former students. It requires patience to appreciate the subtleties, and when done correctly, it is deeply satisfying and reveals layers that are often overlooked with hasty approaches.

  6. Ah, Orville’s mention has reminded me of my initial days, when I first held a high-quality torch lighter gifted by my father. Experiencing first-hand its potent flame was like initiating into an elite circle. Over the years, I’ve embraced patience and practice honing the subtle art of using the perfect flame on my cigars – it’s not just about lighting up, it’s about having control over your experiences. And indeed, there lies a certain sense of gratification knowing that you rely on something as seemingly simple as a torch lighter to add layers to the cigar-smoking ritual.

  7. Ah yes, Amelia, I heartily resonate with your sentiments about embracing the art of perfect flame control. Every flicker tells its own tale; it’s not just a means to an end but a whole process requiring finesse and patience. Indeed, a good lighter doesn’t merely complement the cigar; it elevates the whole experience into a personal ritual, making each session uniquely memorable in its own right.

  8. This reminds me of my old Xicar lighter I’ve had since my early thirties. Though it served me well, one day out of nowhere it decided not to spark anymore. Switched over to Dupont and never looked back.

  9. Much like you, I’ve found torch lighters to be my go-to device when lighting up cigars. My trusty Zippo Blu never left my side during a trip to Havana years back when I was first introduced to the world of fine cigars, not only it creates a consistent flame but its windproof feature especially came handy outdoors.

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