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Best Torch Lighter of 2020 – Never Fails To Start

Lighters are an invaluable tool for cigar aficionados, and there are few things more annoying than a lighter that won’t stay lit or fails to start. Torch lighters are the best type of lighter to use if you’re a cigar smoker, but it’s crucial to find one that will work consistently and provide you with a high-quality flame.

If you’re not sure what a torch lighter is or why you should have one for your cigars, we’ll cover it all in our review. We also discuss some of our top picks for the best torch lighters available right now. Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for a cigar lover or you just need a lighter, you can rely on; we’ve got the perfect one for you.

What’s a Torch Lighter?

If you’ve never used a torch lighter to light your cigar, you’ve probably used one in a different setting. Torch lighters come in a variety of styles and sizes and are used for cooking, arts and crafts, and even for lighting campfires or in a fireplace.

Torch lighters are ideal for cigars because they burn hot, has a strong flame, is wind-resistant, and will light your cigar quickly. Another benefit of using a torch lighter is that it uses butane fuel.

Butane can reach temps up to 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit, and you’ll know you’re using butane when you see a blue flame. Butane fuel won’t affect the taste of your cigar like other lighter fuels, so it’s one of the best options available.

Do you need to use a torch lighter when lighting your cigar? Of course not, but why worry about the hassle of matches or other types of lighters that have weak flames?

Best Jet Flamed Lighters That Never Fail

#1 WindBlaze™ Torch Lighter1st place editor's badge
cigar torch
Modern and sleek looking with an angled wind proof flame for easy lighting of cigars. Pocket-sized but yet surprisingly ergonomic and easy to use.

#2 VERTIGO Lotus Cyclone Triple Torch
cigar lighter
With three flames the Vertigo Lotus torch is perfect for bigger cigars. It’s easy to refill and fits snuggly in the palm of your hand.

#3 TOMOLO Quadruple Flame Lighter
Quadruple torch flame
The Tomolo has a zinc alloy body making it durable for multi-use. It boast a transparent fuel tank & four flames for quick light up.

#4 HUOWA Jet Torch Cigar Lighter
adjustable angled head torch
With an ergonomic design to fit in your hand, the Huowa has 4 torches and an adjustable nozzle to ensure a consistent flame at all angles.

#5 PROMISE Double Jet Flame Lighter
double flame torch
Made from zinc alloy for durability and comes in 4 colors. With fewer flames than other lighters, it is still powerful enough to light cigars on the first try.

What to Look for When Choosing a Torch Lighter

When shopping around for a torch lighter, you might be tempted to buy the first one you find or the best-looking one you come across. While convenience and aesthetics are important to consider, they aren’t always the determining factor of what makes the best torch lighter for your needs. So take some time to choose a torch lighter than you’ll love every time you use it.

Do You Need a Compact Torch Lighter for Cigars?

If you already have a small torch lighter at home that you use for finishing creme brulee or other dishes, you might be wondering if you need a separate lighter for your cigars. We strongly recommend buying a torch lighter exclusively for lighting cigars.

Even though your small multi-purpose torch lighter can light your stogie in a pinch, don’t you think you deserve a nice looking lighter?

Torch lighters for cigars are smaller than other types of torch lighters, which means you have better control over the flame and are safer overall.

The Number of Flames

Some cigar lovers are insistent that you need a lighter that has multiple flames. More than one flame is particularly beneficial for larger cigars, but it’s not a necessity. If you have a lighter that only produces one flame, it doesn’t mean that your cigar won’t light, it might just take a little bit longer.

Keep in mind that if you’re interested in a multiple flame lighter, they are likely to cost more.

Function Over Aesthetic

If your main priority is a torch lighter that produces a high-quality, powerful, and hot flame every time, you might end up buying a lighter that’s more functional than attractive. There are plenty of handsome looking lighters on the market, but they don’t have the power and flame you deserve.

It all comes down to personal preferences, but don’t be afraid to buy for function rather than aesthetics.

Ready to find the perfect torch lighter to add to your cigar collection? Check out our top picks for best torch lighters this year.

WindBlaze™ Butane Torch Lighter

The WindBlaze™ lighter is a new kid on the block that’s not available through resellers or Amazon.

The fast burning, low toxicity butane gas will not affect the taste of your cigar (like lighter fluid does), making it the perfect product for cigar aficionados who need a fast and reliable light even in the windiest of conditions.

Its design is compact and pocket-sized making it easy to carry around without noticing it is there and it’s ergonomic designs makes easy work for sparking it up with a simple click of the trigger.

Oh, and was it mentioned the flame is angled, making it even easier to light your cigar evenly without having to contort your neck?


  • Fast burning & low toxicity butane gas
  • Windproof for outdoor use
  • Compact & portable design
  • Comes in 4 colors
  • Angled flame


  • No flame adjustability
  • Single flame

Vertigo Lotus Cyclone Triple Torch Cigar Lighter

The Vertigo Lotus Cyclone Triple Torch Cigar Lighter is a top-rated and popular option among cigar lovers because it has three flames. As we mentioned above, multiple flame lighters aren’t a requirement to light a cigar, but many cigar fans love them for larger cigars.

The Cyclone lighter is compact, fits comfortably in your hand, and is easy to flip open the top and press the ignition button with one hand. The lighter is easy to refill, and the indicator window makes it easier to spot, so you know when you’re running low on fuel.

This is a popular pick because it’s affordable enough to own more than one lighter and store in places like your car, golf bag, or humidor storage drawer. It’s reliable enough to ensure a strong, hot flame and quick light on cigars of all sizes.

Cigar torch


  • Triple flame lighter
  • Compact and comfortable
  • Refill with butane
  • Easy to use with one hand
  • Flames hold up well in the wind


  • May leak butane after you refill the lighter
  • Have a short lifespan
  • Small sizes mean refill butane more often

TOMOLO Quadruple Flame Torch Lighter

Are you looking for a torch lighter that as even more power than the three flame options? The TOMOLO torch lighter has four flames and is made of durable zinc alloy for a sleek and modern looking lighter.

Although many butane lighters throw a blue flame, the TOMOLO torch lighter has a red flame. The slim design of the lighter is topped with a flip-open lid and a cigar punch design on the bottom. The transparent fuel tank indicates when it’s time to refill the lighter.

While this torch lighter is made for cigar lovers, it’s a great multipurpose lighter and comes in a gift box if you’re planning on gifting to the cigar aficionado in your life.

butane lighter


  • Four flames equal one big flame
  • Sleek and compact design
  • Easy to open and use with one hand
  • Clear tank window for fuel level
  • Wind resistant


  • Difficult to adjust the flame size
  • May have more flame than you want
  • Doesn’t come with butane

HUOWA Jet Torch Cigar Lighter

There are dozens of torch lighters with adjustable nozzles, but few are specifically for cigar smokers. The HUOWA Jet Torch Cigar Lighter not only has four flames but also has an adjustable nozzle to ensure a consistent and hot flame at any angle.

The lighter is ergonomic and fits comfortably in the palm of your hand while lighting or adjusting the flame is easy enough to do with one hand.

Huowa manufacture torch lighter


  • Zinc alloy body
  • Adjustable nozzle and flames
  • Quadruple flame lighter
  • Refillable
  • Easy to operate with one hand


  • You need to fill with butane before initial use
  • The steady flame is dangerous near your face
  • The angle may make you more prone to burns

Promise Technology Torch Lighter Cigars Double Jet Flame Lighter

If you’re looking for an “old school” cigar lighter with an eye-catching design, the Torch Lighter with Double Jet Flame by Promise Technology might be the perfect cigar lighter for you. The double jet flame lighter doesn’t have as many flames as some of the other lighters on our list, but it’s still powerful enough to light your cigar on the first try.

The zinc alloy torch lighter is available in red, yellow, or black, but our personal favorite is the wood grain finish. The mix of chrome and wood grain gives it a classic look.

torch lighter for cigars with double flame


  • Push-button ignition on the side
  • Adjustable flame and cigar punch
  • The double flame is sufficient for most cigars
  • Comfortable to use with one hand
  • Sleek design


  • Some users experience lighter “spitting” butane
  • Lighter has plastic parts
  • May not be wind-resistant in strong wind

Our Favorite Pick For Torch Lighter

Even though it’s smaller than other torch lighters, we choose the WindBlaze™ as our top pick. We love the compact ergonomic design combined with ease of use. We also like that you can buy more than one and stash one away in various spots where you might want to enjoy a cigar.

The ideal lighter for toasting and lighting up your cigar!

Frequently Asked Questions
✅ What is a torch lighter used for?

A regular lighter uses ordinary lighter fluid, whereas a torch lighter use butane fuel that burns hotter and is more windproof. The butane can reach temperatures up to to 2,500°F (1370°C) and burns a nice bright blue flame as opposed to a yellow one. It is this extra heat that allows to light up thicker cigars that an ordinary lighter might struggle with.

✅ My torch lighter is sputtering, why is that happening?

When old fuel and air builds up over time it causes your flame sputter and flicker reducing the ability of getting a nice clean light. The solution would be to bleed your lighter which is a simple task to do. Flip the lighter upside down and use a narrow tool such as a thin screwdriver and compress the fuel valve. The hissing you'll hear is air escaping, so keep the valve depressed until all the air has been fully expelled. Lastly, simply refill the tank with butane and you're ready to go.

✅ What's the best way to maintain a torch lighter

It is important to maintain your torch lighter in order to get a good flame, otherwise you might as well use an ordinary lighter. To ensure a long lasting torch lighter follow these instructions:

- Use high quality Butane which is free of impurities and prevents nozzle clogging.
- Protect your lighter from the elements. Keep at room temperature whenever possible.
- Bleed your tank of air to avoid misfiring and flame outs.
- Give your lighter time to reach room temperature after refilling.
- When storing your torch lighter, make sure the take is empty as the fuel can go stale and bad.