How Do You Clean A Floor Scrubber?

Alex Mcil author
Alex Mcil

Floor scrubbers (or floor cleaning machines) are designed to do the cleaning. This means grime, dirt and debris inevitably dirtying and clog up the machine.

What happens when the cleaner needs to be cleaned? How do you clean a floor scrubber and how often should you do it?

As these units can be costly, maintaining and keeping them in tip top condition will improve their life expectancy, meaning you will get more out of them!

Scrub machine

Walk-behind and Rider auto cleaners tend to be more complex machines, than the standard upright floor cleaners used at home designed for tighter spaces. Each hardwood floor cleaner machine is different.

Therefore, we will be focusing more so on these two, in regards to maintenance tips.

Maintenance Before Use

Before firing up your machine, there are a few checks that should be done.

Performing key tasks, such as the ones below, ensure peak performance. 

Battery Check

All floor scrubbers (with the exception of sun upright ones) run on batteries. This is your power source and without it, your machine is useless.

There are 4 battery types:

  • Wet
  • Gel
  • AGM
  • Lithium

Each of the above will have a different set of maintenance requirements, but regardless of battery type, always do the following:

  • Make sure you have enough battery charge to do the job.
  • Battery connections can corrode, check for this.
  • Check for loose connections. That can halt your job.
  • Water batteries require maintained water level (check every 7 days).
Scrub machine battery

Inspect For Clogs or Leaks 

The drain & vacuum hose come across plenty of debris that can build up over time. This left over debris must be removed, done by simply flushing it out with clean water. Not only will this prolong the machine’s life expectancy, it will also maintain efficient cleaning ability.

As well as debris build up, check for any signs of cracks in the hose. This will clearly effect performance, and the hose will have to be replaced.

Maintenance After Use

Like with procedures for before use of your machine, there are steps to take after use of your machine.

Let’s take a look at what these checks look like and why we need to do them.

Drainage Procedure of Tanks

Your floor scrubber traditionally comes with two separate tanks. One for carrying cleaning solution that’s use to help remove grime and debris, and the other as a collection vessel for the dirty solution that’s removed from the floor.

It’s good practice to empty both these tanks after every cleaning session. Not only do the chemicals become less affective when exposed to the air too long, they can also thicken up and clog up the machine.

As for the tank that holds the dirt that’s been cleaned up, it far easier cleaning the tank after you’ve completed your cleaning procedure. Failing to do so will make it extremely difficult to remove sediment and dirt that falls to the bottom.

Allowing this to harden, gives it a cement type consistency which makes it exponentially harder to remove, not to mention allowing foul odor to build up.

Final Words on Cleaning

Having a good understanding of how a floor scrubber works is going to make maintenance easier. It is also a good idea to have the instructions manual close when you need it.

At the and of the day, it wont take you more than an hour of your day to clean your machine, this can save more time and money down the road.