Which Cordless Vacuums Come With 2 Battery Packs As Standard?

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Alex Mcil

The convenience of cordless vacuums are attracting people to make the switch from corded.

I have recently created an article about how technological advancement provide great solution but also come with caveats. Just like how water filter vacuum cleaners have advantages and disadvantages vs hepa vacuums.

The same is true for cordless vacuum cleaners and their run-times. Batteries can deplete in less than one hour, especially with a high demanding machine such as a vacuum cleaner. The time will vary depending on whether you are vacuuming hardwood floors or a carpet for example.

twin battery pack for stick vacuum cleaner

However, technology is advancing and cordless machines can last up to 60mins of run time, which might be sufficient for the average size home.

Quick answer

Most cordless vacuums come with 2 batteries because the average duration is around 1 hour. This way you can use one while the other is getting charged.

“In my experience, manufacturers rarely include two battery packs with their cordless vacuums as standard. However, a couple of brands, like the top-tier model PV1820L from Black & Decker, do offer this as a selling point, breaking the norm. This allows for continuous cleaning even when one battery is being charged, increasing consumer convenience and productivity.”

Dr. Simon Derby , Industrial Systems Engineer

The Issue With Manufacturers’ Battery Run Time Data

The issue is, manufacturers’ run time figures may feel misleading to consumers as tests are design in a manner to make the vacuum last longer.

For example, the vacuum cleaner will likely be set on “eco mode” and run on a smooth surface, such as hardwood to allow air to flow easily without excessive use of the roller brush, in order to prolong run times.

Or with stick cleaners that are detachable to become portable hand-held vacuums. They can be run in hand-held mode where less suction power is need to suck debris (no long shaft for debris to travel up) which conserve energy consumption, but the performance reduces around 30%.

Batteries have to be disposed and replaced with a new one every 7 years approximately. This is also the average lifespan of a vacuum cleaner, so you might as well purchase a whole new set.

You have to consider that a cordless vacuum cleaner tends to be twice as expensive if you compare it with a regular model that provides the same performance.

This is not to say manufactures are being deceptive as data on the best performance of the vacuum cleaner is being provided. However, that information doesn’t necessarily translate to consumers expectations of run-times.

The Solution To Greater Battery Life

A little research on the machine you want and its run time is imperative. I’ve composed a database on the most popular vacuum cleaners and their run times that might come in handy.

However, as explained, even then it’s hard to compare these figures directly due to the different ways manufacturers test their machines.

So what is the solution to ensure you get a machine that will hold enough power to cover your entire home (especially a big home)?

Answer: Purchase a unit that provides two batteries as stand!

Manufactures recognize consumers expect long lasting running machines and even though battery technology advances rapidly, it may still be falling sort!

This is where a second power unit comes in handy and why I’ve spent a good deal of time creating this database of popular vacuum cleaners that provide a second battery as standard for longer lasting cleaning!

Popular Cordless Vacuum Cleaners With 2 Batteries As Standard

So here is the list of a choice of vacuum cleaning machines that come with two power units as standard to elongate your cleaning time and make sure your task isn’t left half finished due to a dead machine.

Vacuum model# of batteriesRun time (per battery)
Bosch Unlimited Series 6
DYSON Outsize Absolute
DYSON V11 Outsize
HomeVac S11 Infinity
Hoover H-FREE 500
Hoover ONEPWR Evolve [aff. link]
HVB160 Henry cordless
INSE S6P Cordless
LG Cordzero A9
MIELE Triflex HX1 Pro
Numatic RSB150NX RucSac
Shark Anti Hair Wrap
Shark DuoClean
Shark ION F80
Vax ONEPWR Blade 3
Vax ONEPWR Blade 4

Author’s Closing Thoughts

It’s clear that cordless is the future. More people are heading in that direction seeking portability and ridding of that pesky cord that’s not only a trip hazard, but always finds a way of resting right in front of your vacuum path.

If every in doubt about the potential run times of cordless vacuums, then the solution is to source one with twin batteries as standard and double the vacuum time.

Simply have one fully charged, ready for swapping over once the other dies. Rinse and repeat and you should never be caught out with a half finished room!




6 thoughts on “Which Cordless Vacuums Come With 2 Battery Packs As Standard?”

  1. Ideally, the run time of cordless vacuums should not detract from their convenience over corded models. Battery life is indeed a limiting factor, but this is more than compensated for by the freedom of movement and ease of use. In my professional experience, cordless vacuums have proven to be an indispensable tool for efficient cleaning, especially in homes with challenging layouts or multiple floors.

  2. Just like singers, a vacuum cleaner doesn’t need to hit high notes all the time. It’s essential to adjust the cleaner’s settings according to your floor type and dirt level to optimize battery life. In my experience, a potent and efficient low or mid-range setting gets the job done most of the time and saves battery life.

  3. Absolutely, Winchester, careful calibration plays a big role in conserving battery life! I’ve noticed my cordless vacuum substantially outlives its predicted run-time when used on its medium setting on cement floors.

  4. As someone who has transitioned from using corded to cordless vacuum, I can’t help but highlight the inconvenience caused by the shorter run-time. I once had my Dyson V11 die on me half-way through vacuuming our living room carpet. Battery technology gaming up needs to catch up with the convenience that these cordless appliances promise.

  5. Avatar
    Jocelyn Kirkpatrick

    As someone working in this industry, I can assure you that battery advancements are on the horizon to tackle these run-time issues. It’s all about striking a balance between convenience and efficiency, Earnest.

  6. Avatar
    Salvatore Vanthoven

    While I do admire your optimism, Jocelyn, from my personal experience as a retailer it seems many consumers are still struggling to adapt to the short battery life. The demand for corded vacuum cleaners remains quite vigorous.

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